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feb 2012 - "t-race"
jan 2012 - "fictional engine"
illustration of fictional engine for e-mobilty campain
dec 2011 - "imgregnation system"
illustration of an imgregnation system
dec 2011 - "fitting cutout"
a series of fitting cutouts
nov 2011 - "kafka"
for our grintsch calendar. achims modern interpretation of kafka's "The Metamorphosis"
nov 2011 - "lights streaks"
test of light streaks animation
oct 2011 - "bus-dvd"
interactive presentation on bus manufacturing
sept 2011 - "water bubbles"
illustration about water proof assembly
aug 2011 - "bathroom"
bathroom visualization
jul 2011 - "gifa 2011"
interactive product presentation and printing for the gifa exhibition
june 2011 - "pos"
may 2011 - "turtle"
vis concept
apr 2011 - "ceramishield in space"
add for a welding related product
apr 2011 - "shower water"
shower water representation in hiRes
feb 2011 - "sputnik"
sleepless saturday
dec 2010 - "fuzzi"
fast concept. turned out strange.
dec 2010 - "neon movie"
the product movie for the neon series.
nov 2010 - "3D water presentation"
rendered water + shower
nov 2010 - "bathroom neon 2"
same with different perspective
nov 2010 - "bathroom neon 1"
a bathroom for neon
oct 2010 - "hekatron Securita 2010"
Touchscreen application for an exhibition. Different firedetecting systems in comparison while animating dust, steam, smoke and fire in special environments. This tool is meant to explain how and when different systems detect fire or do a false alarm.
sept 2010 - "maxscript: notepad"
a maxscript that serves as a kind of notepad within 3ds max. the user can save little but maybe important information that are file related, for example special settings or infos for team members. you can download that script here or have a look at scriptspot.com for more information.
aug 2010 - "speedmodel"
a simple speed model
aug 2010 - "transparent car"
a viz for some advertising. the base car is not modelled by me. we had to change many parts though...
aug 2010 - "fire detector"
fast layout for a fire detector
may 2010 - "butterfly"
quick layout
may 2010 - "ai adhesives"
layout for a adhesive brochure... playing with particles
april 2010 - "ceratherm product focus"
some close-ups
april 2010 - "ceratherm"
ambients for ceratherm (ideal-standard)
march 2010 - "london view"
fast preview of a room with view on london
feb 2010 - "shower jean nouvel"
shower jean nouvel
feb 2010 - "lighthouse bath"
bath for lighthouse
feb 2010 - "bath variations"
bath texture-variations (layout)
jan 2010 - "sid"
logo layout
jan 2010 - "iq-bath"
bath for iq
jan 2010 - "retro-shower"
jan 2010 - "cubic-bath"
cubic-bath view2
jan 2010 - "henkel euroguss"
still from an animation for interactive presentation
dec 2009 - "isabella"
"isabella" product
oct 09 - "nano"
illustration of nanotube and nano-particle for a science magazine
oct 09 - "xylem - plant cross-section"
technical vie of a plant cross section for a science magazine
sept 2009 - "glance compact"
fast layout for ambient shot
sept 2009 - "Wakey Wakey"
speed model contest "SMC's - #74 - "Wakey Wakey"
sept 2009 - "Henkel Ceramishield"
a project we did in company for a welding optimising product by henkel. we created everything on our own ending up with many images used in various advertising and a kind of product movie for a special exhibition. you can see the final movie here. people involved in this project: gerrit h., philipp k., alex b., sebastian r., fabian e., sinan s. and me.
sept 2009 - "MediaMarkt"
adaptation now for the mediamarkt logo
sept 2009 - "greebled saturn"
layout - needed to turn their logo into something spacey
may 2009 - "chip"
a motherboard like environment for media-saturn
apr 2009 - "showerroom"
a showerroom for jado
mar 2009 - "maxscript"
recently i needed to create lots of ropes/hoses as much editable as possible. after geting tired of all the use of spacing tool i decided to write myself a little script to deal more comfortable with. you can have a view on the script here or download the script with a tutorial here. You can see current progress on scriptspot.com. Though the script functions the way it should, it is still kind of beta unless i find the time to add some more features.
mar 2009 - "molecules"
layout for a shematic view of differenet adhesive compounts
mar 2009 - "lightroom"
sleepless so played with architecture and light
mar 2009 - "skyline"
internet teaser for the ish in frankfurt
feb 2009 - "Jeckfisch"
a birthday present for my chef achim g. had much fun with it.
feb 2009 - "beachside bath"
another bathroom with view at the beachside
jan 2009 - "testbild"
fast television with "testbild"
nov 2008 - "room ambient"
wip (coop with poophie-man)
nov 2008 - "special vehicles - adhesives"
some production steps that shows the use of the adhesives on "special vehicles"
nov 2008 - "exhibition easycash"
another one
nov 2008 - "coating system"
coating system
nov 2008 - "fishMike"
oct 2008 - "bathroom 01"
semi closeup for bath scene (layout)
oct 2008 - "tarkett mockUps"
fast mockups. got some fine wooden textures then :p
oct 2008 - "another swiss knife"
another swiss knife
sept 2008 - "cubic"
playing with water
sept 2008 - "monopoly"
like the houses
sept 2008 - "exhibition easycash"
idea for exhibition by achim g.
sept 2008 - "exhibition hekatron"
idea for exhibition by achim g.
sept 2008 - "diving high"
again sleepless. playing with max and photoshop.
august 2008 - "drinking cup"
design on cup not finished yet
aug 2008 - "another kitchen - layout"
fast kitchen for a flyer (layout)
july 2008 - "2k adhesion"
an illustration for a special adhesive
july 2008 - "postwork"
testing passes in post. honki 3>
summer 2008 - "kitchen"
couldnt finish it
july 2008 - "another room"
playing with render settings.
july 2008 - "laybyrinth"
image done for an advertising. sadly i have no more time to add more details and tweak here and there. displacement :)
july 2008 - "another globe"
another quick globe... customer decided against it :(
june 2008 - "VSE - Der Allesk?nner"
visual for an energy company
may 2008 - "aerospace"
trying cartoon style.
april 2008 - "e-pig"
save energy!
march 2008 - "Teaserimages 4 web"
teaser and content images for website.
feb 2008 - "card solutions"
card solutions
feb 2008 - "jado"
customer products + studio setup + water = key visual :)
jan 2008 - "jado glance"
test that became a special look for a customer
jan 2008 - "fishroom"
unfinished right now
dez 2007 - "frozen stone"
little test
dec 2007 - "snowman"
speed modelling contest in december
nov 2007 - "displacement"
playing with displacement. looooooong rendertimes. ..
sept 2007 - "room"
sleepless and played with light
sept 2007 - "scuplture parc"
liked this job very much
aug 2007 - "jin's lamp"
another urgent help. 2 hours
aug 2007 - "globe"
a globe done for a cover booklet
aug 2007 - "hybridisation"
technical view on how hybridisation is working on rfid-chips
july 2007 - "room"
a friend needed urgent help. he gave me little fotos and a list of measurements. took me about 4 hours.
july 2007 - "gummibear"
done in company. fast modelling but long work on material and rendersettings.
june 2007 - "cityroad"
sleepless and playing with renderer.
may 2007 - "science"
wireframes 3>
apr 2007 - "impossible mission II"
a speed modell contest about 2D platform games. ive joined with one of my favourist on a c64.
jan 2007 - "fishmouse"
for internal use
dez 2006 - "master data"
little info grafics in glass
dez 2006 - "floor"
technical view on a "classical" flooring system
sept 2006 - "lunch break"
made this in my lunch break. had much fun. sadly i cant animate.
sept 2006 - "tower"
have been sleepless so made an easy scene and did some testrenderings.
sep 2006 - "isocyanat"
little big chemicals
aug 2006 - "redSun"
reminder of evermotions free series of hiRes sky hdris
aug 2006 - "virus cell"
had to make a cell and played with materials. some time later i wrote myself a maxscript for creating cells. if you are intereseted in that script just drop me a mail.
nov 2005 - "soap dispencer"
my first speedmodell contest in nov 2005
nov 2005 - "xmas"
xmas ball for a greeting card
oct 2005 - "gary"
my doughter likes gary very much and so i made her one
march 2005 - "neon"
playing with materials
feb 2005 - "lostInSpace"
one of my first images i made with 3ds max...